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Monthly Archives: October 2018

    Old Mixed with New

    By Stephanie Prescott | October 31, 2018

      It is important to mix and match your décor when staging a home for sale. Especially when the home isn’t directly linked to a certain lifestyle. Primarily because not all homes are cabins that can be easily adorned with logs or a beach front property that can have a seashell themed space. When in... Read More

    Prep your home for winter-inside and outside

    By Stephanie Prescott | October 30, 2018

    Cheyenne’s weather forecast is calling for chilled winter weather ahead. RE/MAX Capitol Properties would like to help you prepare for the cold months ahead. Winterizing is important and you want to do it now when there are still some sun-shining days. Inside: Be prepared and know the location of your water shut-off valve and test... Read More

    Decorating Made Easy

    By Stephanie Prescott | October 29, 2018

      Decorating sometimes can be a challenge when using items you already own. When selling your home it can save you money to stage your home and something worth mastering. Here are a few tricks. You may have a two bedroom house but currently use one room as an office. When looking at the demographics... Read More

    Remember the Deployed

    By Stephanie Prescott | October 26, 2018

      October 26 is annually designated as National Day of the Deployed. National Day of the Deployed honors all of the brave men and woman who have been deployed, are sacrificing, or have sacrificed their lives to defend our country. The day also acknowledges their families who are separated from them during deployment and the sacrifices... Read More

    Bright Future at RE/MAX

    By Steve Prescott | October 24, 2018

    It’s an exciting time to be part of the RE/MAX brand! RE/MAX is known for it’s culture of productivity, drive for new ideas and solutions. It always has been and continues today to push the limits for real estate agents and brokers. Recently RISMedia Real Estate magazine did a write up on how RE/MAX strives to... Read More

    September Market Update

    By Steve Prescott | October 23, 2018

      Even with the temperatures cooling down here in Cheyenne, the real estate market remains hot! It is interesting how the Real Estate market has continued to grow. Prices are increasing, which means the demand is there. This is particularly interesting when you hear often that Millennials are wanting to live in “downtown” lofts. The... Read More

    Bringing Boutiques Back

    By Stephanie Prescott | October 17, 2018

    Justin Timberlake may have brought “Sexy Back” but he ain’t got nothin’ on Boutiques right now. Purchasing Power – Markets change and typically when a new wave of consumers starts to take over the purchasing power of the Nation, you will see some drastic changes. Right now with Millennials taking over the title, which has... Read More

    Be An Influencer

    By Stephanie Prescott | October 15, 2018

      Forbes Magazine recently published an article about a new startup business in LA who acts as an “influencer” agency. Pairing new products with celebrities for social media endorsements. This trend of influencers started to make us think. We have this blog which as been recognized as a great resource, our social media is structured... Read More

    Ups and Downs of a PCS Move

    By Stephanie Prescott | October 12, 2018

    If you have ever served in the military, or are serving now, you will know what it means to PCS. This simply means a Permanent Change of Station. The military is one of the most transient sectors of the American population. From the time that BMT (Basic Military Training) has been completed, most will then... Read More

    REALLY Marketing Your Property

    By Stephanie Prescott | October 10, 2018

      Real Estate professionals are responsible for marketing your home. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are the best BIG “M” marketers, not just little “m” marketing. Little “m” – This kind of marketing is often times what is top of mind for most professionals when they think of the marketing profession. Usually it means the... Read More