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Monthly Archives: June 2018

    Smile and Take That Picture

    By Mark Escalera | June 29, 2018

    National Camera Day is observed each year on June 29th.  This day commemorates photographs, the camera, and their invention.  A camera is an irreplaceable tool used to record and replicate memories, events, and people/places.  Before the invention of the camera, the only resource to document a vision was a painting.  There are very few who... Read More

    Who wants to be a Millionaire?

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 27, 2018

      When this question was first asked via a popular game show it sounded like something which was too good to be true. Now most millennials think they will become one in their lifetime. In today’s society this isn’t that far off base. One in every 20 Americans is in fact a millionaire. With CEOs... Read More

    Cheyenne WY Realtors – Full Time, Fun & Fabulous

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 25, 2018

      If you need to find Cheyenne WY Realtors, where do you start? We can offer a few tips! Look for real estate agents who are full time, fun and fabulous! FULL TIME: At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we only hire full time realtors because we want committed individuals who make this industry a career, not... Read More

    Take Your Dog to Work

    By Mark Escalera | June 22, 2018

    Every year employees across the country bring their dogs to work the Friday after Father’s Day. It’s National Take Your Dog to Work Day. A celebration of the companionship between canine and human, National Take Your Dog to Work Day hopes to inspire others to adopt from shelters and humane societies. Take Your Dog to... Read More

    Service Speaks Volumes

    By Steve Prescott | June 13, 2018

      Just like a picture says a thousand words. An act of service speaks volumes! There is a story that I was once told where a gentleman in a military uniform stopped a woman who was tending to her children in a Grocery store. He expressed his gratitude to her for being so kind to... Read More

    Welcome Rebecca Hess to RE/MAX!

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 11, 2018

    Rebecca’s family fell in love with Cheyenne when the Air Force brought them here in 2003.  She and her husband Colin have ten children and three granddaughters.  She said, “It’s true what they say; being a grandparent is the best gig ever!”  It has been a wonderful blessing to raise her family among the hard-working,... Read More

    Best Friends Day

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 8, 2018

      On June 8, honor your closest and dearest friend on Best Friends Day. The relationship between best friends is often fierce and can withstand distance, storms and silence.  Whether we’ve known them all our lives or they are more recently acquired, best friends make tough times bearable, fun times memorable and memorable times priceless.... Read More

    May Real Estate Market Update

    By Steve Prescott | June 7, 2018

      Today is the 157th day on the year and currently logged for the month of May a total of 165 homes were sold! Looking at that you can see there is a high volume of activity and motion in Laramie County. The average day on the market is 38 Days and the average price... Read More

    United Way of Laramie County Blooper Reel!

    By Stephanie Prescott | June 6, 2018

      Check out what your Board of Directors for United Way of Laramie County has been up to recently! Pat Ashworth, Renee Ashworth, Steve Prescott, Stephanie Prescott, Derrek Jerred, Casey Turcato, Gay Woodhouse, Dustin Woodhouse Aaron Courtney, Shelly Courtney, Dr Horam with his wife and CASA advocates made the blooper reel! We had a great... Read More

    Honor All Who Served & Supported

    By Steve Prescott | June 6, 2018

      They put our Nation before themselves and prioritized our lives above their own. That level of selflessness is beyond admirable and having last month, Military May, to stop and reflect is the least we can do. Take a moment to bring into your thoughts those who have served and simply extend your gratitude to... Read More