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Monthly Archives: December 2017

    I am so Excited!

    By Mark Escalera | December 29, 2017

      I am so excited! Are you excited? Shall I tell you what I am excited about? Great! Glad you asked. I am so excited about: A very loving and supportive wife and family Another day of life My faith in God An incredible career opportunity with RE/MAX Capitol Properties The great Christmas we just... Read More

    Hammer Time – Home Improvements

    By Steve Prescott | December 27, 2017

      To make the process more smooth when both purchasing and selling your home at once, consider our 5 steps. Move forward with your decision with confidence and ease. Next on the list is jumping into the important topic of home improvements. Step #1- Figure out your financing Step #2- Home improvements Step #3- Clear... Read More

    Merry Christmas

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 25, 2017

    Moving is always stressful. Moving to a new part of the country where you have never lived would be even more stressful. Imagine arriving to the town you have chosen only to find that there were no homes available. In fact, there are events taking place that have filled up every single one of the... Read More

    Best Christmas Lights & Decorated Neighborhoods

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 22, 2017

    You can see some of these lights from space! Cheyenne and Laramie County residents don’t mess around when it comes to decorating their homes for the holidays. Bundle up, pack up some hot chocolate and take your own personal tour of the holiday lights around the area. If you want to travel to see home... Read More

    Agent Angels

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 20, 2017

      Every time you hear a bell ring an Angel gets it’s wings. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties our Agents are dedicated to our community. During the holidays our Agents continue to amaze us by going above and beyond. Hence us calling them our “Agent Angels.” Every single one of our Agents believe in spreading holiday... Read More

    Giving you peace of mind – Figure out your financing

    By Steve Prescott | December 18, 2017

      Don’t lose your mind when moving forward with both buying and selling your home at the same time. We have 5 steps anyone can follow to make the process enjoyable. To begin the process dive into our Step 1 details of “Figuring out your financing.” Step #1- Figure out your financing Step #2- Home... Read More

    $5 Billion Growth

    By Mark Escalera | December 15, 2017

    Cheyenne is an exciting place to live! We are starting to see more growth with the expansion of some of the local distribution centers like Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Sierra Trading Post.  These companies alone account for approximately 2000 employees. Cheyenne Regional Medical Center employs another 2000 employees. However, I have no doubt that the new additions... Read More

    What If I Lose My Mind?

    By Steve Prescott | December 13, 2017

      I want to sell my home and buy a new home at the same time! But, I’m afraid I’ll lose my mind! Don’t worry! Around the country people buy and sell every day. Certainly there can be obstacles associated with timing the offers, possibility of temporary housing needs and potential double mortgage payments, but... Read More

    Santa is Coming to Town!

    By Stephanie Prescott | December 11, 2017

    4 easy steps to make your home “the” best stop for Santa Claus. Santa Claus visits every household in the world in one night! That means that it takes special steps and attention to details to make your home “the” best stop for Santa. Leave a lasting impression on Santa during this year’s Christmas and... Read More

    Another Holiday Season to Sell or Buy

    By Mark Escalera | December 8, 2017

      Is the Holiday Season a  good time to buy or sell real estate? This time of year can be difficult for many people and for many different reasons. Not everybody celebrates Thanksgiving or even Christmas, but everybody does celebrate something at some time during the year. One neighbor may celebrate Kwanzaa in honor of... Read More