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Monthly Archives: September 2017

    A Community Oasis

    By Stephanie Prescott | September 30, 2017

    Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is an oasis like no other. Community members value the outdoors and want to enjoy nature all year round. Many have chosen to invest in the expansion of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens which has led to a large collection of unique plants in the conservatory. From tropical to hardy plants, from blossoming to full... Read More

    Afraid of the Unknown – Part 1

    By Stephanie Prescott | September 29, 2017

    Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Bungee-jumping off a bridge. Getting your blood drawn. Spiders and bugs. Public speaking.   What do these things have in common? All of these are things that regularly rank in the top 10 things that people in America are afraid of. 4 out of 5 of these things... Read More

    Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My

    By Stephanie Prescott | September 27, 2017

      What do you think of when you hear, “Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My?” Most would say, Wizard of Oz. However, think beyond just that. Think about the adventure associated with the characters going on a journey. They are exploring and are exposed to a whole new world. Lions Park, located in Cheyenne off of... Read More

    Woo Hoo for Vedauwoo

    By Stephanie Prescott | September 25, 2017

    A “Woo Hoo” is one way to celebrate your victorious climb at Vedauwoo. Rock climbers from all over enjoy the heights and ventures which Vedauwoo has to offer. This park is 31 miles west of Cheyenne, Wyoming and is at the elevation of 8,200 feet. The scenic route up Happy Jack Road, on Highway 210, makes for an... Read More

    3 Reasons To Sell Your Home This Fall

    By Steve Prescott | September 22, 2017

      Are you teetering on whether to sell your home? Trying to weigh the pros and cons? Here are three reasons why now is a perfect time to sell your home! 1. Interest rates are low – What does that mean? You go to your mortgage lender to get pre-qualified, then he or she tells... Read More

    Get Down On It, in the Depot & Plaza

    By Stephanie Prescott | September 21, 2017

    If you have ever experienced a summer in Cheyenne, then the song “Get down on it” makes you think the season! The song when played by local favorite cover band, Boogie Machine, circulates in the minds of community members in anticipation for the “Friday Nights on the Plaza.” This event is where you can listen to... Read More

    10 Gems In Cheyenne, WY

    By Stephanie Prescott | September 17, 2017

    Are you new to Cheyenne? Considering a move to Cheyenne? Planning a vacation that includes Cheyenne? Then check out these gems Cheyenne has to offer! Cheyenne is a great place to work, live and raise a family! Sometimes the weather can be challenging with the winter cold and wind, but you can always find great... Read More

    Farmers’ Market Goodness

    By Stephanie Prescott | September 16, 2017

    Abundance! That’s the best description for the Cheyenne Farmers’ Markets! I love the feeling of going from booth to booth checking out what each one offers. The smells of fresh produce, roasting peppers and dirt fill the air! It makes me happy just to be there. Thankfully there are regional farmers who work tirelessly to... Read More

    We Are RE/MAX

    By Stephanie Prescott | September 12, 2017

      There are times when it hits you and it is crystal clear. You are part of something bigger! Being a part of RE/MAX International is amazing. Generosity is an expected part of the culture no matter where you live. Four recent events make me even more grateful to be a part of RE/MAX, LLC.... Read More

    All Access Healthcare

    By Steve Prescott | September 9, 2017

    Laramie County is a healthy community to live in. There are small excursions nearby which include hiking, biking, boating, camping, you name it! The community also is one that frequently cooks their own meals and our three local farmers markets continue to grow in popularity offering fresh produce from local ranches and farms. Activity is... Read More