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12 Reasons We Love What We Do: The Mystery

Like the 12 days of Christmas, we wanted to give you 12 reasons we love what we do. 

As real estate professionals who have the privilege of serving Cheyenne, Laramie County, and Wyoming, we have many reasons to show up and do what we do. Taking time to think about these reasons is unique because we wouldn’t see extraordinary success without the passion for what we do. 

Reasons why we love what we do:

  1. We help our clients make life-changing decisions. 
    • We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We love that we can help our clients navigate difficult choices while navigating the market to achieve identified real estate goals and desires. Making any kind of move is a big deal. It can take an emotional and physical toll, but it is all en route to their next chapter. As professional real estate agents, we have years of experience to pull from that can help us guide clients. This information provides an ease to any transition, and we can help make tough decisions not feel so overwhelming.
  2. We have to be multi-talented, wearing many hats to juggle all the necessary steps for a successful transaction. 
    • We love that we have to wear many hats because it helps us keep our lives interesting, but more than that, we can streamline the transaction process in unique ways. No single real estate transaction is the same, so we are always learning, growing, and improving as real estate professionals. To give you an example, we are both marketers and sale negotiators. We have an intimate understanding of industry regulations and policies on various governmental levels. We also have to be up-to-date on economic activity at multiple levels too. Nevertheless, it’s hard work but worthwhile.
  3. We are mystery solvers.
    • Like we were saying before, no real estate transaction is the same. There are so many variables, and as a result, this gives us an “all you can eat buffet” of mysteries needing to be solved. We think about clients who want to buy a home in an established neighborhood with a variety of desires that don’t typically align with the aesthetic in the build for the area, so we have to consider buying to demo or find a vacant lot build. Anything is possible. It just requires thinking it through. You could look at each transaction as a “choose your own adventure” book. It makes life fun!

These are three of our twelve reasons why we love what we do and we have more to come that we want to share!

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