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10 Years & 50 More

We are excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary as RE/MAX Capitol Properties!

If we were celebrating a marriage, we would be gifting tin or aluminum. The meaning behind this applies to our business because it is a symbol of strength and resilience. We have overcome so much in the decade, championed through challenges, and navigated both the peaks and valleys. Our foundation is vital because we have amazing people. Our agents are dedicated to their craft and community. Our staff believes in our profession and understands how to serve our agents and clients with integrity. Above all, our clients are part of our RE/MAX Capitol Properties family. We do business with one another, but ultimately, they are our community.

One of our favorite mantras is “We are SOLD on our Community” because we love the people we serve. Relationships have been made that span beyond the real estate transaction; we have bonded for life! You can approach your work with kindness and generosity when you care about your clients. This mixture helps us be a business in Laramie County and Wyoming with impact. Dynamics within our agency is centered around supporting one another, and this same philosophy translates to our real estate professional’s relationship with existing and prospective clients. It is what makes us love what we do for a living.

Not many people can say they are in a business they love, but we can! We love to watch one another grow professionally and personally. We celebrate all of the milestones by seeing life changes from marriages to new babies to accomplishing real estate licensures and certifications. We are surrounded by like-minded people who believe in giving back to the community and who are invested in making where we live the best possible place. Knowing we are actively engaged in making our home better makes it worthwhile. This same commitment allows us to foster a compassionate and trustworthy environment in a competitive and stressful industry. Our approach to real estate is different, we put people first, and we LOVE people!

We have come so far in the last ten years. It is setting the stage for the upcoming decade. In the next few years, we plan to continue to grow our agents to be reliable and valuable partners for clients looking to buy and sell in Laramie County and Wyoming. Our engagement with area non-profits will continue to evolve. We enjoy giving back as a real estate agency, and it will be something we continue. Improving the real estate market will be another significant part of our future. Our ability to serve home developers and builders will expand. This will help alleviate market constraints around limited supply and assist in welcoming newcomers to our area.

There is so much to look forward to. We attribute this to the incredible ten years we have already accomplished. Thank you to our community, clients, agents, and industry partners for a decade we will never forget. We appreciate all of your support, love for Laramie County and Wyoming, and passion for real estate.

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