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10 Best Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Showing!

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Well prepared homes that show their best tend to sell more quickly and for higher prices!

Before each showing follow these 10 tips to keep your home looking sharp while it is on the market.

  1. Pick up every room: Check counters, floors, halls and stairs. Straighten up and remove any paper laying around on the counters. Remove any toys, clothing, recreation gear, snacks and dishes from sight.
  2. Turn on all lights: Even the lights in closets and storage areas should be turned on before the showing. Light has an amazing ability to create a warm, cozy and spacious feel.
  3. Open the drapes, shades and blinds: Do all that you can to create a bright setting for the prospective buyer.
  4. Kitchen: Clean and clear all the countertops. Wipe down appliances. The sink should be clean and clear. It’s even a good idea to empty the dishwasher because buyers like to look inside to see the quality of the machine.
  5. Put your best scent forward: Keep air fresheners in the closets, bathrooms and kitchen. Be especially careful to keep welcoming scents in the kitchen; coffee brewing or the smell of fresh baked cookies or bread.
  6. Music: Leaving a low, peaceful music station on provides a pleasant background to a buyer.
  7. Fireplace: If you are able to leave your fireplace going while you leave for the showing that will provide a visual and welcoming warmth if it is cold outside.
  8. Air Conditioning: If it is the middle of the summer and very hot, reminding the buyer that the home has a/c could be the selling point that separates your home from another.
  9. Bathrooms: Keep the toilets flushed and clean, counters wiped clean, personal care items tucked away and place attractive towels out on the towel racks.
  10. Entryway: It’s the first and last impression that buyers will have of your home – make it a good one! Check it out regularly with the eyes of a buyer.

It can be very difficult to keep your home in order especially with children. Come up with a routine that will allow you to pick up and be prepared to show in a reasonable period without too much stress and difficulty. Making beds first thing in the morning and doing the dishes after each meal should help.

If you are ready to sell your home, call one of our trusted real estate agents today to set an appointment 307-635-0303 or visit us online at We are ready to guide you through the process from start to finish!

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